Our company,1 Hour Repair, specializes in all kinds of iPhone, iPad & laptop repairs. We provide the best service at a guaranteed low cost. 

iPhone Screen Repairs are an unregulated market. There are many shady and sneaky mobile repair technicians out there.
We have seen deceptive tactics such as low prices and when you get to the store, the screen is low quality or faulty – and they will charge $20 extra for the actual screen.
Sometimes we repair devices with screws missing.
Sometimes fake parts are used, seriously.

Not cool…
You need to be careful when deciding who should repair your phone.

Full Disclosure:
Most iPhone and iPhone screen repairs can be done while you are waiting.
Sometimes, because our customers love us, we get really busy – but generally, we are done within the hour.
Some jobs can be only be done overnight (i.e. logic board repair).